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Note the use of masks

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Masks have three main effects is to prevent dust, prevent chemicals (including car exhaust) and prevent microorganisms.

Currently there are kinds of disposable paper masks have multiple vertical pleats should be tight-fitting mouth and nose should have a very good effect to protect the wearer.

Facemasks conventional fabric strap on the ear. Masks labor protection for workers is mainly this kind. Cloth masks normally shading effect, prevent large-sized dust, car exhaust and prevent odor if not bar people wearing disinfected before use to susceptible skin infections, diseases of the road ... respiratory masks made of cloth usually ineffective poison gas filter (smoke, steam gas, oil, coal, ...).




Masks containing activated charcoal divided into 2 categories; layer fiber woven fabric type activity, with built in; type activated carbon pressure plate placed between two layers of fabric. Active fiber is impregnated with activated carbon fabric is effective only after two washings. For activated carbon mask is advertised as effective charcoal liner lasts a year is wrong. Lining activated carbon can be no just after a few days of use. For activated carbon mask odor is due to production facilities using spray glue to fix the activated carbon particles. It is the glue bead when surrounded coal particles will make charcoal layer absorbs lose its effect.

Medical masks are now often use disposable type.
On the market there are many types of masks sold in the sidewalks are sewn from the fabric mold, foam scrap and untreated detergent, containing a wealth of health threatening bacteria users.


Many places a mask made from the waste of fabric and unqualified. In particular, most of the masks are sold today are designed not hugging the wearer's nose and mouth parts, creating gaps for bacteria to enter. Hence only mask helps prevent dust somewhat rather avoid bacteria.

When wearing masks to both the nose and mouth closed. Otherwise, dust, chemicals, microorganisms do not pass through a filter that wool according loophole in straight nose and mouth, running deep into the lungs. For wearing masks, the police nose dirt, chemicals and microorganisms are capable of penetrating into the body through the mouth, although to a lesser extent.


Many people have the habit of buying masks along and use immediately or hang, hook mask on the car, put it in your pocket pants ... that masks more infections caused by microorganisms that cause dust, damp, moldy, smelly .. . Do not rule out re rhinitis cases by use of masks was previously infected. Thus, for a mask made of fabric generally cleaned after purchase.


When used daily, you should wash with soap and drying or drying to dry and then reused to avoid contamination from their own masks.

Le Quoc Thinh MSc